FAQ ‘s

Terms and Conditions:
All pension bridging loans and provident bridging loans are subject to the lenders terms and conditions.

Maximum Amounts:
You can get 10% up to a maximum of R32 000 of your nett Pension, Retirement Fund, Retirement Annuity or Provident Fund due to you,  as a loan.

Bureau Listings:
It is ideal to not have any bureau listings as this will give you a better chance of being approved. However, if you have bureau listings then we will submit to the credit committee for consideration. They will make a decision based on their assessment of the risk.

Our rates are highly competitive and are governed by the National Credit Act. Some loans are based on a daily rate and others may be on a monthly rate depending on the size of the loan, the duration, the assessed credit risk and the different Pension Funds or Provident Funds.  

How Long:
If we have ALL the documents we require this can be as fast as 3 working days. IF documents are missing or the loan application needs further assessment it  will take longer.

What risk to me?:

What cost to me?:
This is dependent on your risk profile, the amounts involved and various factors which will influence the loan conditions. You can be assured however that this falls within the National Credit Regulator’s loan conditions and all the financial services regulations in South Africa  and so you are protected from any unscrupulous dealings.

There are however two main costs
1. Admin fee
to set the process up: 2) Monthly interest charge. These will be shown on the final contract which is presented to you for consideration

Which Pension Funds or Provident Funds?
Most private schemes are on the approved lists.  However, due to the risk and delays associated with certain government schemes, some loans against pension or loans against provident funds are not able to be done. 

Pension Bridging /Provident Fund Bridging 

You have retired, resigned, been retrenched or dismissed and are waiting for your pension money to be paid out.

Do you need pension bridging finance or provident fund bridging?  

Is your pension money needed now? 

Is your provident fund money needed now?

Need a cash loan against your pension or provident fund payout?

Have a Retirement Annuity you want to get some cash out ?

We can assist in bridging pension fund payout and bridging provident funds payout within a few days, subject to terms and conditions.

Fill in our enquiry form and we will make contact with you. Apply Here

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